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Amsterdam will be under the spell of Sail 2020 from 12th to 16th August. The public can freely view dozens of impressive Tall Ships and hundreds of smaller historic vessels over the course of five days. During Sail 2020, the boats of Rederij Mokum can be booked all day for private boat trips, events and company outings.

Sail Amsterdam only takes place every five years. 2020 will already be the 10th edition. It promises to be more spectacular than ever. How nice will it be to invite your acquaintances on a cruise through the Sail area in August 2020? We recommend that you get there in time. Feel free to select an option and decide later.


SAIL 2020 Official partner

sail amsterdam 2020


During Sail we want to try to sail according to certain schedules. This will ensure that Sail 2020 is affordable for everyone:



SAIL IN € 239,- p/p
THURSDAY 13 AUGUST 2020 Breakfast tour €  95,- p/p
Lunch tour  €160,- p/p
Drinks tour €139,- p/p
Fireworks Dinner tour €239,- p/p
FRIDAY 14 AUGUST 2020 Breakfast tour €  95,- p/p
Lunch tour  €160,- p/p
Drinks tour €139,- p/p
Fireworks Dinner tour €239,- p/p
SATURDAY 15 AUGUST 2020 Breakfast tour €  95,- p/p
Lunch tour  €160,- p/p
Drinks tour €139,- p/p
Fireworks Dinner tour €239,- p/p
SUNDAY 16 AUGUST 2020 SAIL OUT € 189,- p/p


Please get in touch with us if you want to give your friends, employees or relations a fantastic day. We have competitive offers that make it possible for everyone to experience Sail from the water.

SAIL 2020 Amsterdam


intocht sail amsterdamSail in - €239,- p/p

We will sail to the start of the Sail parade early in the morning. We will provide a complete lunch and a wide selection of snacks during arrival.

ontbijttocht sail 2020 amsterdam

Sail Breakfast tour - €95,- p/p

A wonderful moment to watch Sail awaken. Enjoy this peaceful moment and book a delicious breakfast trip at Rederij Mokum.

lunchtocht sail 2020 amsterdam

Sail Lunch tour - €160,- p/p

Rederiji Mokum can provide a delicious lunch tour. Enjoy the nautical heritage, live music and a delicious hot lunch with a glass of wine in your hand.

borreltocht sail 2020

Sail Drinks tour - €139,- p/p

Enjoy drinks on board one of our cosy ships for a unique way to visit Sail

vuurwerk sail diner tocht

Fireworks SAIL diner tour - €239,- p/p

Do you want to experience the special atmosphere of Sail in the evening? Then book a dinner fireworks tour at Rederij Mokum now.

sail out sail amsterdam 2020

Sail Out - €189,- p/p

Don't miss the Sail-Out 2020 and book a boat at Rederij Mokum. Don't miss this Farewell parade.

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Sail Amsterdam is a maritime event which takes place over several days in Amsterdam every five years. It is rigged around an armada of monumental seafaring ships which  moors for a few days along the quay of the IJ and in the major IJ harbours after a parade through the North Sea Canal.

The event was held for the first time in August 1975 to celebrate the 700th anniversary of the city of Amsterdam. In a certain way it followed the First Dutch Shipping Exhibition held in 1913 in Amsterdam where the exhibited ships could be visited. The idea was to focus attention towards the harbour and the city. Seafaring ships from all over the world were invited to the 'Sail Amsterdam 700' event.

After the success of 'Sail Amsterdam 700' it was decided that another Sail Amsterdam would be organised in 1980. In order to steer the organisation in the right direction, the Sail Amsterdam Foundation (SAF) was established in 1977. Since then, the SAF has successfully organised an exposition every 5 years.


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boot huren in Amsterdam

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At Rederij Mokum you can opt for an all-inclusive package. A complete trip for which you pay a fixed amount per person. All prices include VAT and tourist tax. There are no hidden costs!

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