King's Day Amsterdam - Rent a boat

Rent a boat during King’s Day in Amsterdam

King’s Day is by far the largest open-air event in the Netherlands. We celebrate the birthday of our King Willem on April 27. Various places in the center such as the canals, Dam Square and Vondelpark are full of partying people. That day the city turns into a large open-air market.

King’s Day in Amsterdam

King’s Day is celebrated in a grand and compelling way in Amsterdam. Residents of the canals put all their belongings outside. Tourists from home and abroad come to the capital to experience this festival. Each part of the city has its own dynamics and way of partying. The large squares for tourists. The pleasant Jordaan and De Pijp for Amsterdam residents and of course the Vondelpark for children and young families.

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King's Day Amsterdam - Rent a boat

Rent a boat during King’s Day in Amsterdam

You can experience King’s Day to the fullest on board a boat. Not only do you have a good view of the canals from the water, you can enjoy the boats on the water, the stands on the side and the live music on the bridges. Celebrating King’s Day on a boat is very special. Rederij Mokum tries to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience King’s Day from the water. Given the crowds, it is wise to inquire about availability.

King’s night is an adventure

Do you find King’s Day too busy and full? Then inquire about the options for King’s Night! In the early evening, the city is already wonderfully busy and most vendors have already taken their places. You can disembark anywhere to soak up the atmosphere and take a walk.

The history of King’s Day

On August 31, 1885, the first Princess Day was celebrated in the Netherlands on the occasion of Princess Wilhelmina’s fifth birthday. Princess Day was therefore the predecessor of Queen’s Day. After the coronation of Queen Juliana in 1891, the celebration was moved to April 30, her birthday. From that date onwards the celebration was also called Queen’s Day for the first time. Queen Beatrix never changed this. When King Willem Alexander ascended the throne, the celebration was moved to his birthday. We now celebrate King’s Day on April 27.

King’s Day

Location: Amsterdam Center and various other locations

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