Sail Amsterdam Fireworks Dinner tour

Sail Amsterdam fireworks BBQ tour – €230 p/p

SAIL Fireworks/Dinner Tour 2025 Amsterdam on August 20, 21, 22 and 23

SAIL Fireworks/Dinner Tour 2025 Amsterdam promises to be an evening full of taste and spectacle. While you enjoy a delicious dinner on board, you can witness a breathtaking fireworks show on the canals. This combination of culinary indulgence and maritime spectacle creates an unforgettable evening for couples, groups and individual visitors.

Dinner on board the SAIL Fireworks/Dinner Tour is a true pleasure for the taste buds. From local specialties to international dishes, the menu offers a range of flavors to enjoy. While you taste delicious dishes and raise a glass of wine, you can enjoy an enchanting view of the majestic sailing ships.

The fireworks show at the end of the evening provides a breathtaking climax. The spectacle lights up the night sky and reflects on the rippling water, wrapping the canals in a magical ambiance. It is a romantic and unforgettable experience for groups looking for a special evening, but also for groups who want to enjoy good food and spectacle.

SAIL Fireworks/Dinner Tour 2025 is an opportunity to sample the gastronomic food and maritime grandeur of Amsterdam, while enjoying an unforgettable fireworks show. This evening offers the perfect combination of taste and splendor, and is suitable for anyone who wants to experience an unforgettable culinary journey.

What can you expect from Rederij Mokum
  • Departure and arrival from our home port (Westerdokskade)
  • 3.5 hour cruise around and through the heart of the Sail area
  • Reception with a glass of Kir Royal (based on Prosecco)
  • Delicious Sail dinner
  • Mooring place for the fireworks on the IJ
  • Well stocked Dutch bar (with delicious wines).
  • Toilet and heating on board
  • Ships can be sailed completely open or closed
  • Price € 230,- euro pp all-in (ex VAT)
  • Our prices include payment to the Sail organization

Our package prices are based on the provisional rules of the Sail organization. We must therefore pass on any increase in this rate to you.

Sail Amsterdam Fireworks Dinner tour


8 p.m.
You will be welcomed on board with a glass of Kir Royal.

8:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Once your group is complete, we will cast off and we will leave for the Sail area. We explore the entire Sail area (North and East). We then sail past the windjammers in the IJ harbour. Before the fireworks start, we look for a good spot on the IJ. Here you can enjoy the fireworks.

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