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Change booking-Cancel

Can I still change my booking after a definitive reservation?

Yes, that is possible. You can adjust the number of people up or down in the case of a package up to one week before the booking. Please note that the packages always have a minimum of 15 people. You can come with fewer than 15 people. Only the price per person will be higher.

Until when can I cancel a definitive booking?

Our general terms and conditions on the website contains the options regarding canceling a tour.

BBQing on board

Can I prepare the BBQ myself on board?
No that is not possible. Our meat dishes are pre-cooked. We provide the BBQ on board, partly for hygienic reasons.
How many people can we have a BBQ on board 1 ship?
On board our largest ship, 45 people can have a BBQ at the same time. Are you coming with more guests? Then we simply deploy 2 ships.
When do I order a BBQ medium and when a BBQ XL?
Our BBQ medium contains 300 grams of meat, various salads, baguette and sauces. A delicious meal for an average group. Do you have real carnivores on board? Forget the ‘green stuff’ and order a BBQ XL. Guaranteed more meat than you can eat.

Complete arrangements

How many drinks are available per person?
Our packages assume unlimited use of the Dutch bar. Our skippers should reasonably take sufficient drinks with them for the trip.
The website contains packages starting from a group size of 15 people. We come with only 10 people. Is that possible?
Of course you are also welcome with a group of less than 15 people. Unfortunately, the price per person will increase slightly. The boat rental is divided among fewer people.
What is a Dutch bar?
Our Dutch bar contains beer, (good) white, red wine, rose soda and water.
Are the packages complete with drinks and/or snacks?
Our package prices include drinks and/or snacks and VAT. Except, the name says it all, at Do It Yourself
Are there any additional costs in case of a package price per person?
If you depart from our home port, only € 0.66 entertainment fee (tax) per person will be added to the package price.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

How many people are allowed on board in case of 'Do It Yourself'?
Our advice is 24 guests for the Aagje Deken, 28 guests for the Theo Kok and Stella Maris. In some cases we may deviate from this. But only after consultation by telephone.
Can I rent a boat from Rederij Mokum and arrange drinks and/or catering myself?
Yes, that is possible with us. You can bring your own drinks and snacks (DIY).
Why do I pay 50 euros cleaning costs in case of DIY?
Our skipper has to tidy up and clean (longer).
What can I take on board if I use Do It Yourself?
Drinks and snacks that you have bought/made yourself. Cooking on board is not allowed. No use of fire is permitted.

Facilities on board

Is there a toilet on board the ships of the Mokum shipping company?
Only the salon boat Aagje Deken does not have a toilet on board. We do have plenty of places where we can stop for a toilet stop.
Can we decide for ourselves what kind of music is allowed on board?

Yes, our music system is suitable for telephone or iPod. Your device must have a jack connection (headphone connection). You can then create your own playlist

See also FAQ: “Can music be played on board Rederij Mokum?”

Sometimes, Amsterdam has strict regulations when it comes to amplified music on board. Our music system is compulsorily adjusted. Background music is allowed provided we sail with a closed ship. In short, windows and/or roof open: No music. Windows and roof closed: background music on board.

Is music allowed to be played on board Rederij Mokum?
Sometimes, Amsterdam has strict regulations when it comes to amplified music on board. Our music system is compulsorily adjusted. Background music is allowed provided we sail with a closed ship. In short, windows and/or roof open: No music. Windows and roof closed: background music on board.
Is a DJ allowed on board?
Yes that is allowed. The municipality of Amsterdam only allows soft background music.
Are the ships of Rederij Mokum heated?
All our ships have double heating systems. This means that our ships are wonderfully warm inside, even in the middle of winter.
Are there places where we are allowed to play music with an open ship?
Yes, that is possible on the IJ. Please report in advance because there must be a skipper with a large boating license on board.

What about the weather?

Are the ships of Rederij Mokum suitable for all seasons?
Yes, a booked tour can always go ahead with us. Our ships can sail open and completely closed. In bad weather the heating is turned on.


How do I finalize an automatically generated quotation?
For a final booking, there must always have been contact by telephone or email between you and an employee of Rederij Mokum. A nice feeling for both parties.
Has my sailing date been definitively determined after a request via the automatic quotation system?
No, the system is accessible to multiple parties. It may therefore happen that multiple requests arrive at the same time. A sailing date is only final after telephone or email contact with an employee of Rederij Mokum.

Pick-up and drop-off

Can I start and end my tour somewhere other than the Room Mate Aitana hotel?
Yes, that is possible, but we charge advance and/or return shipping costs. (25 euros per 15 minutes).
Where do Mokum shipping company's cruises start?
Our cruises (rates) are calculated based on departure and arrival at the home port of Aitana. 5 minutes walk from Central Station.
What are the forward and return costs?
To sail to or from a location (without guests), we charge an adjusted rate of 25 euros per 15 minutes.

Book a water taxi

How far in advance can I book a Water Taxi?
For a water taxi at short notice (less than a week), it is best to call or app. We will then discuss availability immediately.
Can the water taxi pick me up at location?
Yes, that’s possible. Our rates on the site are calculated from the port at Room Mate Aitana. Pick-up is deducted from the net sailing time.
Can I take catering with me on a water taxi?
Yes, that’s possible. But then we do charge a surcharge for cleaning.