Friday afternoon drinks boat

Friday afternoon Drinks boat from €52.50

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VrijMiBo is the popular term for the Friday Afternoon Drinks after work. The work is done and the tension can be lifted. Add a drink and the VrijMiBo is a fact. The VrijMiBo is infamous to some and famous to others. Relationships, careers and families are often started during this Friday afternoon hobby.

Is the Vrij-Mi-Bo only for the ‘Happy Few’ from the Amsterdam canal belt? Well, the VrijMiBo is for anyone who wants to organize a nice drink in Amsterdam. And you will undoubtedly organize the best Vrijmibo while sailing on our drinks boat through the canals of Amsterdam.

Have a lovely drink on board our beautiful salon boats

Rederij Mokum offers the Vrij Mi Bo(ot) on the water 7 days a week. Sailing and having drinks on board one of our cozy ships. We arrange the ship, the drinks and the snacks… you enjoy the fun. With us, no complicated quotes, just a price per person including everything!

Friday afternoon drinks boat
  • 2-hour boat tour through the Amsterdam canals
  • Plenty of drinks (beer, good! wines, soft drinks and spa)
  • A beautiful appetizer on the table (for carnivores and vegetarians)
  • A nice playlist if possible.
  • The prices are calculated without VAT.

Our Vrij Mi Bo(ot) sails completely open in good weather. In bad weather we close the hood. The heating comes on and the drinks continue!

  • Getting on and off Roommate Aitana (home port) 5 minutes walk from CS.  Boarding at a location other than the port? Which can. Ask us about any additional costs.
    View the possibleopstaplocations here
  • Your reservation is only final after we have confirmed it and after you have made a deposit. You are still completely free to do so.
  • Special wishes: such as different boarding and disembarking times? Please let us know so that we can take this into account

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Why is Amsterdam called “Mokum”?

Until the Second World War, Jewish traders often gave large cities a nickname. The reason was as simple as it was convenient. Due to the secret nickname, potential listeners could not find out where Jewish traders traveled with their valuable merchandise (often diamonds!).

The nicknames of the cities invariably started with ‘Mokum’. This was followed by a letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This letter was often the first letter of the name of the city in question. This is how Dordrecht was called Mokum Dollet. Berlin, Mokum Beisz and Amsterdam, Mokum Allif. After the Second World War, this form of secret language disappeared. Only Amsterdam has held out and we no longer need Allif.

It is hinted that the Jews used the word Mokum to indicate that they felt at home in Amsterdam. Mokum is a pet name for many Amsterdam residents and of course also for us.

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Friday afternoon drinks boat

Meetings on the water

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Friday afternoon drinks boat

Amsterdam drinks boat

Two hours of sailing through the canals of Amsterdam. The tablecloths with Dutch drinks on the table and the Amsterdam music revive the nostalgic brown pub.

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Friday afternoon drinks boat

Friday afternoon drinks boat

Two hours of sailing through the canals of Amsterdam. Unlimited beer, wines and soft drinks on board and a large bowl of mixed drinks on the table.

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Friday afternoon drinks boat

Lunch boat Amsterdam

We will sail you through the beautiful Amsterdam canals while you enjoy a delicious complete lunch meal.

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Friday afternoon drinks boat

Drinks with shared tapas

Two-hour tour with a wide range of Spanish snacks. A boat trip including real tapas, beer, wines and soft drinks.

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Friday afternoon drinks boat

BBQ Boat Amsterdam

Two hours of sailing through the canals while having a BBQ (300 grams of meat per person). Unlimited beer, wines and soft drinks included.

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