Hoop op Behoud 60-person

60 person Tour Boat Hoop op Behoud

Welcome aboard the Hoop op Behoud

Our beautiful former cargo ship that now explores the canals, the IJ and the surrounding area of Amsterdam. This sturdy ship exudes character, with an interior that is imbued with a robust appearance. The wooden floor and traditionally made standing tables, which can also be converted into seating tables, contribute to the unique atmosphere on board. Moreover, the Hoop op Behoud is cleverly designed, because it can be fully opened and closed again quickly, so you are always comfortable, even when the Dutch weather shows its capricious side.

Features of Hoop op Behoud
  • You rent the boat including skipper and hostess!
  • Full bar with beer tap
  • Separate ladies’ and men’s toilets;
  • Quickly removable roof and windows
  • Heated
  • Electric grill, hotplates and a convection oven
  • Seated dinner for 35 people | Transfer up to 65 people | Drinks for up to 60 people
  • 230 & 400 Volt connections
  • Flexible interior that can be quickly adapted to your wishes.
Explore Amsterdam on a unique former cargo ship

Discover the versatile Hoop op Behoud, the ideal boat for every party, from cozy drinks to vibrant festivities. With space for groups of 25 to 60 guests, this ship offers the perfect ambiance for every occasion.

Looking for a unique experience? Then De Hoop op Behoud is really something for you! A dinner cruise, a BBQ, a delicious lunch or a drinks tour with the tastiest snacks: everything is possible on this boat. The boat is also equipped with all modern conveniences. From a well-equipped ship’s bar and separate toilets to heating and a music system – we’ve thought of everything to make your time on the water unforgettable.

The design is fully adaptable to your specific wishes and needs. So whether you are organizing an informal drink, a birthday party or a corporate event, we hope to offer you a great boat trip on De Hoop op Behoud.

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Hoop op Behoud 60-person

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Hoop op Behoud 60-person

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Hoop op Behoud 60-person

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Hoop op Behoud 60-person

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Hoop op Behoud 60-person

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Hoop op behoud

This former freighter exudes character, with an interior imbued with a robust appearance. The wooden floor and traditionally made standing tables contribute to the unique atmosphere on board. When the weather is nice everything can be opened and when it rains you are covered and warm….
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Hoop op Behoud 60-person

Larger ships
available on request

In addition to our historic ships, Rederij Mokum also has modern, larger ships with which they can provide boat tours. From a 60-person Citytender to a party ship for 175 people. Combining is always possible. Please contact with us for the possibilities

Our packages

You can choose one of our original packages at Rederij Mokum. If you would like to make it a little more your own, please let us know and we will adjust it!