Gay Pride-Canal Parade

Gay Pride – Pride Amsterdam

The 27th edition of Pride Amsterdam will take place from July 22 to August 6, 2023 in Amsterdam with the Canal Parade on Saturday August 5, 2023. Pride Amsterdam (known as Amsterdam Gay Pride until 2017) has taken place annually in Amsterdam since 1996 during the first weekend of August. Pride Amsterdam is the annual highlight for gay Amsterdam with street parties, gay dance parties and the world-famous Canal Parade across the Amsterdam canals. With the Canal Parade, the residents of Amsterdam celebrate the free thinking and full acceptance of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community in the city.

Gay pride in Amsterdam

The Canal Parade is a colorful procession of more than 80 elaborately decorated theme ships that sail from the Westerdok through the Prinsengracht to the Amstel. Some years are a little more challenging than others. With 350,000 visitors per year, Amsterdam Gay Pride is one of the largest LGBT events in Europe.

Sailing as a participant
We have several boats that are also suitable for sailing as participant. We can customize these boats in consultation with you so that it fully suits your brand.

Gay Pride-Canal Parade

Rent a boat during Gay Pride in Amsterdam

Rederij Mokum is a fan of the Canal Parade.

If you would like to rent a boat during the Canal Parade, please contact us. The Canal Parade is a highlight when it comes to Events in Amsterdam.

Location: Westerdok, Prinsengracht, Amstel
Gay Pride is an adventure on the water

The Canal Parade will be held on August 5, 2023

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