Amsterdam Drinks Boat

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Amsterdam Drinks Boat from € 52,50 p/p

On board the one and only Amsterdam drinks boat you will feel as though you are back in days gone by.

Rederij Mokum is a typical Amsterdam boat company. That is why we owe it to our reputation to bring the original Amsterdam drinks boat back into service. Rederij Mokum quite simply brings the atmosphere of the brown Amsterdam café back onto the water.

The tablecloths with Dutch drinks and the Amsterdam music evoke the nostalgic brown pub era. Our Amsterdam captains will meanwhile regale you with stories about the city.

The one and only Amsterdam Drinks Boat. You will sail through the heart of the city while enjoying Amsterdam snacks and drinks. Immerse yourself and your guests in Old Amsterdam for two hours. There is simply no better Amsterdam Experience than on board a boat from Rederij Mokum.

Pictures Amsterdam Drinks boat

What can you expect from the Amsterdam drinks boat?

  • On board the Amsterdam drinks boat you will be welcomed with an Amsterdam liqueur.
  • A two-hour cruise through the heart of Amsterdam with Amsterdam music & stories.
  • We provide well-filled platters of Amsterdam snacks:
    – Authentic Amsterdam ox sausage
    – Real Amsterdam liver sausage
    – Amsterdam grilled sausage
    – Amsterdam pickles
    – Mature and young cheese
    – Optional herring with onion & pickles (€3.50 pp surcharge)
    – Optional Amsterdam bitterballen
    – Vegetarian options also possible
  • Our prices are based on a minimum group size of 15 guests.
  • The prices are calculated without VAT
  • Of course we also arrange packages for fewer guests. Keep in mind that the price per person will be higher though. Want to board at a location other than the port? No problem. Ask us about any additional costs.
  • Want to board at a location other than the port? No problem. Ask us about any additional costs. Bekijk hier de mogelijke opstaplocaties
  • Your reservation is only final after we have confirmed it. Until then you are completely free.
  • Any special requirements such as different boarding and disembarking times? Pass this on to us so that we can take it into account. We are happy to pick you up near your home or office.

Amsterdam accordionist or red light district guide

The Amsterdam evening is a two-hour cruise that introduces you to all the highlights of the city. You will sail past the many illuminated bridges and buildings while enjoying a wonderful Amsterdam beer. A visit to the Red Light District is not to be missed during an Amsterdam drinks cruise. In other words, you will get to see the old Amsterdam.

Discover impressive canal houses along the canal belt and the colourful Amsterdam quays. Our captain will tell you about how the canals were created. The canal houses and life in the city during the Golden Age will also be discussed. Of course modern Amsterdam will not be skipped either. You can enjoy the sunset in peace while the evening falls.

Do you want to give your Amsterdam Drinks Boat an extra festive touch? Then book our house accordionist. He will play well-known songs about life, tearjerkers and karaoke hits.

Ask for our regular guide Tijs. Tijs not only tells strong stories but also likes to take you for a walk by the quay or the canals. Since Tijs is also an Amsterdam Light Festival expert, he likes to get on board to talk about the artworks and artists.

Book your Amsterdam Drinks Boat now and enjoy an unforgettable experience. We can’t make it any more fun!

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Why is Amsterdam called “Mokum”?

Before the Second World War, Jewish traders often gave big cities a nickname. The reason was both simple and practical. The secret nickname prevented potential eavesdroppers from finding out where Jewish traders were travelling with their precious merchandise (often diamonds!).

The nicknames of the cities always started with ‘Mokum’ followed by a letter from the Hebrew alphabet. This letter was often the first letter of the name of the city in question. That is how Dordrecht was called Mokum Dollet. Berlin, Mokum Beisz and Amsterdam, Mokum Allif. This form of secret language disappeared after the Second World War. Only Amsterdam has survived and so we no longer need Allif.

It is suggested that the Jews used the word Mokum to indicate that they felt at home in Amsterdam. Mokum is a pet name for many people in Amsterdam including us.

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Amsterdam Drinks Boat

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Amsterdam Drinks Boat

Amsterdam drinks boat

Two hours of sailing through the canals of Amsterdam. The tablecloths with Dutch drinks on the table and the Amsterdam music revive the nostalgic brown pub.

From €52.50 p/p excl. VAT.

Amsterdam Drinks Boat

Friday afternoon drinks boat

Two hours of sailing through the canals of Amsterdam. Unlimited beer, wines and soft drinks on board and a large bowl of mixed drinks on the table.

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Amsterdam Drinks Boat

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Amsterdam Drinks Boat

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Amsterdam Drinks Boat

BBQ Boat Amsterdam

Two hours of sailing through the canals while having a BBQ (300 grams of meat per person). Unlimited beer, wines and soft drinks included.

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