SAIL 2025 Official partner SAIL AMSTERDAM 2025

Sail Amsterdam 2025

From August 20 to 24, Amsterdam will again be the home base for the Sail. During this event, dozens of impressive Tall Ships and hundreds of smaller historic vessels can be viewed freely by the public for five days. During Sail 2025, the ships of Rederij Mokum can be booked all day long for private sailing trips, events and company outings.

Sail Amsterdam only takes place once every five years. Unfortunately, the 10th edition in 2020 was canceled due to corona. We will catch up on this twice in 2025. This postponed edition promises to be more spectacular than ever. How nice is it to invite your relations in August 2025 and sail around the Sail area. We advise you to be there on time. Feel free to post an option and decide later.

Our Sail packages

SAIL 2025 Official partner SAIL AMSTERDAM 2025

Sail in 2025 Amsterdam

Experience an unforgettable maritime experience with SAIL Amsterdam 2025. Discover the magic of the world’s largest sailing event in the atmospheric canals of Amsterdam.

SAIL 2025 Official partner SAIL AMSTERDAM 2025

SAIL Breakfast Tour 2025 Amsterdam

Start your day with a tasty adventure on the canals of Amsterdam. Enjoy a delicious breakfast with a view of the majestic sailing ships of SAIL.

SAIL 2025 Official partner SAIL AMSTERDAM 2025

SAIL Lunch Tour 2025 Amsterdam

Combine culinary indulgence with maritime splendor. Enjoy a delicious lunch while admiring the majestic sailing ships of SAIL Amsterdam 2025.

SAIL 2025 Official partner SAIL AMSTERDAM 2025

SAIL Drinks Tour 2025 Amsterdam

Turn your evening into a party on the water. Enjoy snacks, drinks and the enchanting atmosphere of SAIL Amsterdam 2025 during this unforgettable drinks tour.

SAIL 2025 Official partner SAIL AMSTERDAM 2025

SAIL Fireworks/Dinner Tour 2025 Amsterdam

Be enchanted by the romance of a fireworks show on the water. Enjoy a gourmet dinner as the sky lights up with magical colors.

SAIL 2025 Official partner SAIL AMSTERDAM 2025

SAIL OUT 2025 Amsterdam

The grand finale of SAIL Amsterdam 2025. Experience a breathtaking conclusion with a spectacular exodus of the majestic sailing ships.

History of Sail Amsterdam

Sail Amsterdam is a 5-yearly, multi-day maritime event in Amsterdam. It is set up around an armada of monumental sea-going sailing ships, which, after a parade through the North Sea Canal, moor for a few days along the IJ quay and in the major IJ ports.

The event was first held in August 1975 in honor of the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the city of Amsterdam, in a sense following on from the First Dutch Maritime Exhibition in Amsterdam held in 1913, where could also visit the exhibited ships. The idea was that this would allow attention to be focused on the port and the city, and sea-going sailing ships from all over the world were invited to the ‘Sail Amsterdam 700’ event.

After the success of ‘Sail Amsterdam 700’ it was decided to organize another Sail Amsterdam in 1980. To keep the organization on the right track, the permanent organization Stichting Sail Amsterdam (SSA) was founded in 1977. Since then, the SSA has managed to organize an event every 5 years.


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