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Amsterdam Light Festival 2019 2020


The 8th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival is coming. From 28 November 2019 to 19 January 2020, the Amsterdam canals will be illuminated by 20 light artworks. A beautiful sailing route will lead you through the dark canals next to the impressive light artworks.

On board one of the boats from Rederij Mokum you will no longer be just a spectator. You will become a participant as our ships sail through, between and under the artworks of the Amsterdam Light Festival. There will be plenty of time to see everything. Our captains will be happy to tell you about the artworks along the route.

Are you looking for a private boat for an atmospheric cruise through Amsterdam?

As an official partner of the Light Festival, we can offer you tailor-made packages as well as the all-inclusive packages below. It is quite simply an amazing experience that is not to be missed this year.

We are extremely busy during the Amsterdam Light Festival. Avoid disappointment and check availability with us in good time.

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Affordable packages on the water

Rederij Mokum has developed several festive packages. All our packages include snacks, (unlimited) drinks and payment towards the organisation of Amsterdam Light Festival (including VAT). Clear prices without surprises.


light festival DIY

ALF Do It Yourself 

Bring your own snacks and drinks
€32.50 pp. including VAT

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bruisend light festival

ALF Sparkling Amsterdam

Delicious bubbles with a snack
€37.50 pp. including VAT

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Amsterdamse borrelboot

ALF Amsterdam drinks boat

Experience the atmosphere of a brown Amsterdam cafe on the water. €44.50 pp. including VAT

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winter BBQ Amsterdam ALF

ALF Winter barbecue

Winter barbecue with tasty wines
€69.50 pp. including VAT

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Pompoensoep arrangement amsterdam light festival

ALF Pumpkin and pea soup package

Winter soups with hot mulled wine
€49.50 pp. including VAT

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Borrel met shared tapas

ALF Tasting & Sharing

Taste & share delicious dishes and wines
€69.50 pp. including VAT

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Gin Tonic citrus varen boottocht Amsterdam


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Impressions from last years


Thema Light Festival 2019-2020: Disrupt!

Experience the open-air exhibition "Disrupt!" Along the Amsterdam waters and visit one of the many activities during the eighth edition of Amsterdam Light Festival! From November 28, 2019 to January 19, 2020, Amsterdam will once again be the stage for international light art for 53 days.

The exhibition: Disrupt!
Disruption is central to the new exhibition, in which 20 light sculptures and installations illuminate the center of Amsterdam. The artists, designers and architects were challenged this year to question the city, test it and shake it up.

A "disruption" or a sudden disruption is usually inconvenient. Consider an earthquake or an economic crisis. But disruption can also give a positive and sometimes essential impetus to change. The disruptive effect that we have as humans on nature and the climate is perhaps the most important aspect of the theme that inspired artists. Can we ever live in harmony with each other, or will nature ultimately control us?

Read everything about the artworks, artists, route and activities at:


Why Rederij Mokum

  • No better way to view the Amsterdam Light Festival than by boat.
  • Our heated and comfortable boats offer a comfortable place to admire the Light Festival.
  • As an official partner of the Festival, we can offer an all-inclusive package with a fixed price per person or make a customized offer for a competitive price.
  • The skipper acts as a guide and knows everything about the artworks.
  • For a small surcharge you have a guide on board.
  • We sail with respect for the environment, are 100% electric and whisper-quiet!
  • Our ships are suitable for all ages! We have children's life jackets on board.
  • Did you know that with good weather we can also sail with an open cap in winter?
  • Our ships are equipped with double heating systems. Always nice and warm, no matter how hard it freezes.


History Amsterdam Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival was held for the first time in 2011. The public-private partnership is housed in a foundation. The festival is characterized by the many light works by artists from home and abroad, which have been set up in public. The works are located along a sailing route with the name Water Colors and a walking route with the name Illuminade. The artworks are made specifically for the Amsterdam Light Festival. Source Wikipedia

Now with the eighth Amsterdam Light Festival on its doorstep, the question arises how this successful festival ever came about. Success has many fathers. We like to put the real founding fathers in the spotlight.

The roots of the Amsterdam Light Festival date back to 2009. Vincent Horbach and Henk Jan Buchel are inspired by the Winterfest in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. A cheerful Christmas boat parade in the warm waters around `Florida. The Amsterdam canals are not really an example of crowds in the winter. A nice festival like in Florida is very welcome in Amsterdam.

Initiators Horbach and Buchel

Horbach and Buchel take the initiative in 2009 for the first Christmas Canal Parade. A parade of illuminated boats through the city. The gracefully artfully lit voyage of about 20 ships sails from Westerdok over Prinsengracht to Oosterdok. The decor is fantastic that first year. The city is white with snow. It is Christmas Eve and the bridges are full of people.

In 2010, Felix Guttman, owner of Canal Company, is brought in. The name is changed to Winter Magic Amsterdam. From that moment the focus will be on artistic light art. Well-known artists (from different disciplines) such as Gilian Schrofer, Aziz Bekkaoui and Eric Staller help to make the Christmas Canal Parade a success. Along the route and from the boats, numerous choirs sing Christmas Carols and well-known Christmas songs.

In 2011, during the height of the crisis, it was decided not to continue the festival. That year it is also decided to change the name and bundle the winter activities under the name Amsterdam Light Festival. The attention is shifted from entertainment to light art along the quay.

2012 was the start of the Amsterdam Light Festival as we know it today.

Boot huren in Amsterdam bij Rederij Mokum

Boot huren Amsterdam

boot huren in Amsterdam


We are allowed to sail with 9 people again because of our spacious boats. That is of course worth a party!

Of course we keep the 1.5 meter rule on the boats, to make this easy we have placed a clear marking.

If you have any questions or doubts, you can always send us a message or call us, we are happy to help you.

boot huren in Amsterdam


Amsterdam's history is reflected in the water. Amsterdam has thus learned the best way to rent a canal boat and sail around the canals of Amsterdam.  Sailing into Amsterdam makes an unforgettable impression on your guests. Do not hesitate to rent a canal boat in Amsterdam. Surprise your friends, family or business associates with a beautiful trip. Our captains know the nicest places.

Rederij Mokum (Mokum = Amsterdam) has put several beautiful historic boats into service. The boats are 100% electrically powered, extremely quiet, and fitted out with every comfort. Rent a boat in Amsterdam and you can join us at an attractive rate. Would you and your guests like something authentic, for example, a hotel after a restaurant? Then book our comfortable water taxi. Whether the weather is good or bad, we can take you to your destination in one of our heated boats.

Want to celebrate a party on board? Take a look at our all-inclusive packages. Clearly priced per person, with no additional charges. All of our dinner cruise packages are based on an unlimited Bar.

E-mail or telephone. We are open 7 days a week, from 08.00-24.00 hrs.

Dock nearby Jordaan / 5-minute walk from CS / Parking garage beneath the port / Open or closed sailing ships / Heated

boot huren in Amsterdam


Rederij Mokum offers all-inclusive dining packages. An entire two-hour canal boat trip, for which you pay a fixed amount per person.
Drinks and food are included!

amsterdamse borreltocht

We bring back the atmosphere of the Amsterdam café to the water. The original rugs with the Dutch drink on the table and the Amsterdam music revive the nostalgic pub. Our Amsterdam skipper tells us strong stories while the canals glide past you.

boot huren 20 personen

VrijMiBo is the popular Dutch term for Friday afternoon drinks after work. The VrijMiBo is notorious for one and the other famous. Relationships, careers and families are often started during the Friday afternoon drinks.


Enjoy a two-hour trip with our "Serious Sandwiches" lunch. Delicious thick sandwiches with a slice of warm Quiche Lorraine. With an ample on-board supply of coffee, tea, soft drinks and juices. Can be extended to include a glass of champagne for a festive occasion.

Borrel met shared tapas

You can combine your canal sailing time with a pleasant dinner, cocktails and a table full of Tapas snacks. On the rear deck, in the sunshine, enjoying cool white and red wines with original Spanish Tapas snacks. Including a well-stocked bar and tasty Spanish snacks.

BBQ op het water

Exploring the Amsterdam canals with a BBQ and a beer in your hand. Book a barbeque boat with us, and you can enjoy fine meat dishes and a well-stocked Dutch Bar. The price of our BBQ boat includes drinks and a BBQ buffet

Baskische Pintxos tapas diner

Enjoy convivial Mediterranean dining? Choose our extensive Pintxos-Tapas dinner. You can choose from a wide range of Basque Pintxos and Tapas. The dishes are served in metre-long wooden bowls filled with snacks (Pintxos), after which, the convivial dining can commence.

boot huren in Amsterdam


    • Boat rental in Amsterdam is very easy through Rederij Mokum
    • Original arrangements with a clear price per person
    • Our ships are in places no other tour boats visit
    • Renting a boat in Amsterdam is accessible to all through Rederij Mokum
    • Our boats are very suitable for small groups
    • Our boats sail completely open in fine weather. With less exposure to the elements, our ships are wonderfully warm
    • Our standard Captain's guides are in English and Dutch. Other languages on request


Rederij Mokum has several antique Dutch barges & vessels with a history of over 100 years.