Sailing in the winter in Amsterdam

Sailing in the winter in Amsterdam

During the winter period, Amsterdam radiates magic and romance. View Amsterdam in winter from the water.

Step aboard and enjoy our wonderfully heated saloon boat. As a warm-up, we start with hot mulled wine while the skipper casts off to enjoy the winter in Amsterdam. Wear thick coats and sit outside with a mulled wine or a glass of red wine in your hand and view Amsterdam from the water. Bad weather outside? We will light the stove for you inside.

Not only do you see the beautiful canal belt up close, it remains the most unique way to discover the city floating on the water. Whether you are visiting, visit Amsterdam often or live here: you can see the city pass by in a magical way from a boat. The best place to experience the Amsterdam Light Festival this winter is definitely from the water.

Book a cruise at Via Rederij Mokum where the history of Amsterdam is told by our skippers during the boat trip through the canals.

Amsterdam in the winter

Sailing in the winter in Amsterdam

Winter in Amsterdam

The days are getting shorter and the dark days before Christmas are approaching. Amsterdam is only getting nicer. There is plenty to see and experience on the street. Take a winter walk along canals and parks and then relax in one of the cozy cafes with hot chocolate or a cup of steaming soup. You can skate on the fairytale-lit Museumplein Amsterdam in winter and it is a must see.

Sailing in the winter in Amsterdam

Winter shopping in Amsterdam

In December, the shop windows of shopping paradises De Bijenkorf and Magna Plaza were decorated with extra care and creativity. De Bijenkorf certainly has a reputation to uphold. The canals and popular shopping areas De 9 Straatjes and Haarlemmerdijk are also festively illuminated. Many Amsterdam boutiques put extra effort into their window displays.

Sailing in the winter in Amsterdam

Unknown winter locations

Start the day well with a winter walk. Fancy some fresh air and some outdoor fun? There is more to do in winter than you might think. Have you seen the Vondelpark by now? Then go on a discovery tour in the Amstelpark or Beatrixpark. In the Amsterdamse Bos you can join the forester for the special Oliebollen walk and Koukleum walk in the winter. Fun for the whole family. For the tastiest pancakes (and sweet deer to pet) go to Boerderij Meerzicht, a household name among Amsterdam residents.

Sailing in the winter in Amsterdam

Canal Route

The canal belt was constructed in a semicircle around the medieval city in the seventeenth century to provide space for the construction of luxurious homes for the wealthy merchants. A little later that same century, the Jordaan was constructed adjacently between the Prinsengracht and the Singelgracht. When building this originally working-class neighborhood, the pattern of the old polder ditches was followed. This resulted in the characteristic Jordaan structure of narrow streets, shallow building blocks and narrow canals: a sharp contrast with the spacious layout of the canal belt.

History of Sail Amsterdam

Now that the days are getting shorter and the leaves on the trees are turning red and yellow again, winter is fast approaching. A great moment to invite friends, acquaintances, relations or colleagues for a wonderful winter BBQ boat in Amsterdam. Original and cozy!

Due to great success: a Winter BBQ again this year

Due to the great success last year, we are also organizing a Winter BBQ on board our ships this year. During the months of November, December and January you can sail aboard one of our classic ships, have a BBQ and enjoy the winter scenes on the quay.

Our historic ships are romantically decorated for the winter months with festive lights and garlands. As far as we’re concerned, let Christmas come.

What does a Winter BBQ look like at Rederij Mokum?

A delicious glass of wine or beer will be ready for you upon arrival. We immediately cast off. Would you like to enjoy wintery Amsterdam on the back deck? Which can. We have plaids on board. Is it still too cold outside? Then there is always a seat available inside by the burning stove.

The BBQ buffet is ready on our long tables upon departure. You can start right away. Only go outside occasionally to get the meat from the BBQ. What could be more cozy than a warmly smoldering BBQ and the smell of freshly roasted meat?

What can you expect from us:

  • 2 hours sailing with a private ship
  • well stocked Dutch bar (with delicious wines)
  • medium BBQ – including salads, baguettes, sauces
  • toilet and heating on board
  • warm plaid to sit outside at the BBQ
  • from €59.50 ex VAT, including everything (no extra costs!)

Whether it rains, hails or snows, our BBQ boat sails!

From November it will happen again. So book in time!

Please note that the Winter BBQ can also be combined with a tour in December and January the Amsterdam Light Festival. Then a surcharge applies.

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