Sail Out Amsterdam 2025

Sail Out – €210 p/p

SAIL Out Amsterdam 2025

SAIL OUT 2025 Amsterdam marks the grand finale of SAIL Amsterdam 2025, and is a spectacular conclusion to the event. The culmination of the exodus of majestic sailing ships provides an enchanting ending that visitors will remember for a long time.

The SAIL OUT 2025 is the perfect way to end SAIL Amsterdam 2025 in style. As the majestic ships leave Amsterdam, you can witness this historic moment from a unique perspective. The sound of flapping sails and the gentle lapping of the water create an atmosphere of excitement and wonder. It is an opportunity to admire the skills and traditions of sailing up close and be part of this maritime splendor.

SAIL OUT 2025 is suitable for anyone who wants to embrace Dutch maritime history and hospitality. The event is not only a visual treat but also an emotional journey. It is an opportunity to admire the majestic ships and be part of the vibrant atmosphere of SAIL Amsterdam 2025. The exodus of the ships, as they slowly disappear from view, provides a lasting memory of this historic event.

Whether you are a local resident proud of Amsterdam’s maritime history or a tourist looking for a unique experience, SAIL OUT 2025 offers an unforgettable conclusion to SAIL Amsterdam 2025. The grandeur and magic of the sailing ships mingle with Dutch hospitality, giving visitors a profound cultural experience that will stay with them for a long time. It is a unique opportunity to celebrate Dutch traditions and the maritime beauty of the city. Be enchanted by the nautical grandeur and make the closing of SAIL Amsterdam 2025 unforgettable.

What can you expect from Rederij Mokum
  • Departure and arrival from our home port (Westerdokskade)
  • We are looking for a nice spot on the IJ/North Sea Canal where we can dock the ships  view
  • Well stocked Dutch bar (with delicious wines).
  • Toilet and heating on board
  • Lunch and luxury snacks
  • Ships can be sailed completely open or closed
  • Price € 210,- euro pp all-in (ex VAT)
  • Our prices include payment to the Sail organization

Our package prices are based on the provisional rules of the Sail organization. We must therefore pass on any increase in this rate to you.

Sail Out Amsterdam 2025


11 a.m.
You will be welcomed on board with a cup of coffee.

11 a.m.
We cast off and sail towards the IJ

1 p.m.
Start of the Sail-Out parade

1:00 PM – 3:30 PM
The tall ships leave the IJ harbor one by one and sail onto the North Sea Canal. You are part of an aramada of ships that say goodbye to the participants. You and your group will sail along in this fantastic ‘Sail-Out Parade’. We serve an extensive lunch buffet with hot and cold dishes.

3.30 pm
We are back at our home port

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