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Enjoy a 3-course menu of choice in three different restaurants. Running Dinner Amsterdam combines a tour in a comfortable saloon boat with the culinary delights of Amsterdam restaurants. With a running dinner you eat the starter, main course and dessert in three different restaurants. The common factor is that all three restaurants can be reached by water.

You will be truly spoiled with the Running Dinner Amsterdam package. We have a wide selection of restaurants or you can also choose the locations yourself. We will ensure that they are connected by a nice route.

Why choose one location when we can just as easily dock at three different restaurants? Along the way our captain/guide will entertain you with the best stories and anecdotes. We will show you why the Amsterdam canals are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will also get to know several restaurants in Amsterdam in one evening.


Running dinner

Floating dinner

Floating dinner

Floating dinner Amsterdam package

With a running dinner you can comfortably sail from restaurant to restaurant. The captain will always moor the boat in front of a restaurant so that you simply need to disembark to reach it. The continual change of restaurants will give your boat trip a dynamic character. You will still have plenty of time to catch up or network. With a running dinner you and your guests can enjoy different tastes in the restaurants of your choice. We can tailor a running dinner cruise to your requirements.

It is possible for both small and large groups

The Running Dinner Amsterdam package is possible for a group of six people or more. We also have capacity for more foodies on board. We will deploy several riverboats at the same time for groups of over 40 guests. The groups will continually mix on board before being reunited at the restaurants.

Are you looking for a special outing in Amsterdam?

Then be amazed by our Running Dinner Package. Treat your guests to an unforgettable evening on the Amsterdam canals.

running dinner


  • 6 pm - Reception aboard the riverboat with a welcome drink. We set sail for the first restaurant.
  • 18.30 - Arrival at <restaurant 1 of your choice> for the starter.
  • 19.15 - You get back on board again. The riverboat takes you to the next restaurant while you enjoy the view and have a drink on board.
  • 19.45 - Arrival at <restaurant 2 of your choice>, where you can enjoy the main course
  • 21.00 - You embark again to sail to the last location.
  • 21.30 - We dock at <restaurant 3 of your choice> to pick up the dessert. The dessert is eaten while the boat sails through the canals.
  • 22.00 - Return to the place of departure.

Do you have an allergy? Please let us know

boot huren in Amsterdam


  • The price of a Running dinner is €700 per boat
  • You rent a boat with the Running dinner package.
  • The price does not include restaurant costs and is for a maximum of 25 people
  • You pay a fixed price for the boat, captain and cleaning regardless of whether two or twenty-five people are on board.
  • You can rent several boats from us tor groups larger than 25 people
  • We generally arrange the boat and you book the restaurants. Alternatively, we can book the restaurants for you.
    This service is available at a surcharge.
  • Price includes VAT and tourist tax

boot huren in Amsterdam

Varen en dineren Amsterdam

Culinair eten Amsterdam

wijn en spijs amsterdam


What is the difference between a running dinner and a dinner cruise?

With a running dinner, you sail from restaurant to restaurant. You then eat the dishes at the various restaurants. With an Amsterdam dinner cruise - also known as floating dinner - the dishes are served and eaten on board.

How many courses are served?

Rederij Mokum organises the running dinner according to your wishes. Would you like a 3, 4 or 5 course dinner? Just let us know. We are happy to tailor the program to you and your group.

What is the difference between a running dinner and a walking dinner?

A Running Dinner is a dinner where you eat every course in a different restaurant.
A Walking Dinner is a dinner without fixed seating. Several small dishes are served. There is no fixed seating. The dinner is essentially eaten while standing/walking. Rederij Mokum only organises running dinners.

Can we choose the restaurants ourselves?

Yes, the list of participating restaurants is available on request. We offer a large selection of restaurants and ensure that they are connected via a nice route.

View a selection of culinary and fun options at the bottom of the page.


Is it possible to tailor a running dinner to your own wishes?

You choose the restaurants that we visit during the running dinner.

Can we view the menu in advance?

Of course, every restaurant has a digital menu available. You get to choose.


Are there any extra costs?

The prices of the running dinner at Rederij Mokum include:

  • Private (river)boat with captain
  • Tourist tax
  • VAT
  • A special experience

The following are not included:

  • Drinks on board.
  • Dishes and drinks in the restaurant must be paid for separately.
  • Boarding and disembarking at a different location will also be calculated separately


  1. Choose a varied selection of restaurants with a terrace on the water. That way you will save time as you don't have to walk far
  2. Discuss the schedule with us in advance. We are very experienced in estimating sailing times.
  3. Consider ordering 2 courses at the same restaurant, for example. You can then use 1 course while sailing.
  4. Don't be afraid to combine different world cuisines.
  5. Ask to take the dessert with you on board. We will return the dishes the next day free of charge.


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    Selection of top-class running dinner culinary restaurants

    Bridges dining running dinner


    The Michelin star restaurant Bridges Dining focuses mainly on fish dishes and offers a surprising, international à la carte and Chef’s menu.

    La rive running dinner


    La Rive is the restaurant that is located in the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam. Roger Rassin is the chef, who took over the management in 2008.

    Former chefs include Robert Kranenborg and Edwin Kats. It has always had one or two Michelin stars from 1994 to 2016


    amstel brasserie running dinner


    The Amstel Brasserie is the little brother of restaurant La Rive and therefore a good alternative.

    The menu follows the seasons with tasteful brasserie-style dishes, making the Amstel Brasserie the perfect place for a quiet lunch or dinner.

    Amstel Brasserie



    Selection of good running dinner restaurants

    The harbour club Amterdam


    The Harbor club is now an essential part of the capital. The location is grand, exciting and populated by guests who do not have to look at a dime. The large Fruits de Mere dishes go from hand to hand as if it were a portion of herring with onion.

    For top quality seafood - but beware: also for meat - you've come to the right place. Mooring is possible in front of the door. Note sailing distance from the center is quickly an hour.


    hotel de goud fazant amsterdam


    Contrary to what the name suggests, you cannot spend the night at Hotel de Goudfazant. However, you can eat a delicious 3-course menu here for 30 euros. The former factory warehouse of over 1000 m2 has been furnished with a sense of decorum. The shed has retained its industrial character.

    The rusty poles and old garage bridge contrast sharply with the tightly covered linen tables. Don't let the decoration fool you. Here the stars of heaven are being cooked. Very suitable for larger groups.


    Hannekes boom running dinner


    Hannekes Boom is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Amsterdam. From the terrace you have a beautiful view over the Oosterdok and the Nemo. Hannekes Boom was once entirely made up of residual materials according to the cradle-to-cradle principle. Don't be fooled by the organic appearance.

    The kitchen is really formidable. The menu has a meat, fish and vegetarian dish on the menu every day. Hanneke's burger is phenomenal.