Organize your own event in Amsterdam

Organize your event yourself

Do you want to organize something and do you have a thought-out plan, but are you looking for a breathtaking location, extra creativity and the best facilities? We have a lot in house and can arrange the rest. Rederij Mokum offers all kinds of creative options and our facilities include catering, technical support and styling advice.

You have inspiration for an event, a good idea about the daily schedule, but you are still looking for an exciting location or transportation. We are happy to help you with the implementation. You remain in control and you remain responsible for the end result.

We will help you with additional tips and ideas….

Organizing a company outing, department outing, product presentation or birthday can be extremely inspiring. Your friends and/or colleagues will not quickly forget the day.

Do it yourself event

One of your acquaintances has a catering company, you may be familiar with restaurants in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. Maybe you have a musician in the family. A party is born. Rederij Mokum is happy to help you with a pleasant drinks trip, a transfer between different locations or as a location for a sailing dinner.

What’s more fun than organizing an event, company outing or birthday yourself? Maybe with the help of a simple script or just a draft.

Example event:

  1. You and your guests gather at a restaurant for a cup of coffee.
  2. Time for a nice walk through Amsterdam led by a guide
  3. Transfer by boat to Hermitage. On board a nice Amsterdam accordionist
  4. Visit to Hermitage
  5. Transfer by boat to a restaurant of your choice

Need help with the organization? No problem. Ask us and use our database of experienced partners.We are happy to help you.

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Rederij Mokum is a young company with original ideas for boat trips. Our packages are complete and affordable. We also deliver custom work with love. Ask your question and we will think along with you.

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Organize your own event in Amsterdam

Organizing Together

You want to organize a fun event but are looking for a creative team to collaborate with. We are happy to share our experience and creative knowledge with you. Call, email or app us with your idea and we will be happy to supplement your concept…

Organize your own event in Amsterdam

Get Organized

You have been asked to organize something. But you lack the time to organize the organization efficiently. We are happy to take over this responsibility from you. Creation, budgeting and planning: we do the work…

Organize your own event in Amsterdam

Standard packages

Amsterdam is the city when it comes to events on the water. Whether it concerns King’s Day, Gay Pride, Prinsengracht concert, Amsterdam Light Festival, the Parade, Over het IJ Festival or the Sail…