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BOAT TRIP & CITY WALK € 84,50 pp.kleine gele lijn


Rederij Mokum offers the Jordaan Tour, an original new arrangement in which you will explore the Jordaan by boat and on foot. Under the guidance of Guide Tijs you will explore both the Southern and the Northern Jordaan. You will become acquainted with the history of the neighborhood and its residents.

The Jordaan is an old working-class neighborhood that is bordered by the Brouwers, Prinsen, Lijnbaans and Leidse canals. No neighborhood is praised as much as the Jordaan. The skippers of Rederij Mokum are child at home there.

During the Jordaantocht we sail along the foot of the Oude Wester. Along the way we pass the famous Elandsgracht, the birthplace of Johnny Jordaan, Aunt Leen and Manke Nelis. You visit an authentic courtyard where time seems to have stood still.

Boottocht en wandeltocht jordaan

jordaan Amsterdam

jordaan amsterdam boottocht


Start of the Jordaan tour
On board you will be welcomed with a picket mission (Picketanussie is Amsterdam's dialect for a drink of grain gin)

2 hour boat trip
We release the bunches and sail straight into the Amsterdam canals. You will sail the first part of the trip.
Our ships have been transformed into an old brown café. On board original Mokum snacks, Amsterdam life songs and 3 drinks per person.

You can see most of the Jordaan from the boat while your knowledge about this neighborhood is being improved by guide Tijs.

2 hour city walk
At the edge of the Jordaan, you disembark with Tijs to view the famous courtyards, the Carthusian cemetery and the drained Palmgracht. You walk past the café where the abductor of Freddy Heineken worked out their plan ... During the walking tour you will also visit a real Jordanian cafe for a drink or a cup of coffee.

Tijs also tells you about the Jordaan today. How new residents find their home there and how the Jordaan is still a special part of Amsterdam today, with crazy shops, art galleries and street art.

The walking tour ends at our home port within walking distance of the Jordaan.

jordaan boot huren wandeltocht

jordaan boottocht

jordaantour amsterdam


  • Two hours of sailing through the Jordaan with a private ship (per)
  • A two-hour walk including a visit to the Jordanian café
    Drinks included in the Jordanian café
  • Unlimited Dutch bar on board
    Beer, good wine and fresh
  • Amsterdam snacks
    Drinks on board included
  • Departure and arrival from our home port
    Room Mate Aitana hotel, 10 minutes walk from CS)
  • Parking garage with more than enough places
    Paid parking at your own expense
  • Price € 84.50 per person
    Our prices are based on a minimum group size from 15 guests. We also arrange packages for fewer guests. Keep in mind that the price per person then becomes higher.

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    JORDAANBoot huren Amsterdam Rederij Mokum

    In 1955, folk singer Johnny Jordaan sang about his beloved Amsterdam neighborhood: the Jordaan. In the four centuries that the working-class neighborhood has existed, the Jordaan has developed into one of the most iconic neighborhoods of Amsterdam. The poor farmers and artisans who lived at the place where the canal belt was to be bought were bought out or driven away to an island to the west of the new district. That district, which became known as the "New Werck" and was built between 1613 and 1625, would become the later Jordaan.

    The Jordaan was a typical working-class neighborhood, where many artisans and small businesses were located. The district came to lie within the fortress of Amsterdam during the Third Explanation in the first half of the 17th century. The urban structure of the neighborhood more or less follows the pattern of the polder landscape that was created around 1100. For the construction of the Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht and Herengracht, that polder landscape was completely redesigned according to a pattern that curved around the old city center in a semicircle. As a result, the streets and canals of the working-class Jordaan area are often slanted with respect to the Prinsengracht and do not connect directly with the adjacent streets and bridges of the prosperous canals.

    Source Wikipedia

    jordaan Amsterdam