Boats for rental in Amsterdam - Rederij Mokum

kleine gele lijn

Rederij Mokum has several antique Dutch barges & vessels with a history of over 100 years.

Saloon Boat Aagje Deken
25 pax

The Aagje Deken is 100% electric powered, and therefore silent. In good weather, the hood can be completely rolled up. In bad weather, the hood can be closed and the heating turned on.

Oudhollandse schip Stella Maris

Saloon Boat Theo Kok
32 pax

The Theo Kok is a romantic barge that can be used to explore the lovely Amsterdam canals. With the tables unfolded, you can enjoy a delicious dinner onboard.

eventement zelf organiseren in amsterdam

Saloon Boat Stella Maris
36 pax

The Stella Maris is a historic, but completely modernised barge. Looking for somewhere to celebrate a birthday or to treat your foreign guests? The Stella Maris is a fantastic choice!

mokummer trekschuit borrelboot

Mokumer vessel
40 pax

This barge is originally a passenger ship but is now an electric boat. Both sides of the spacious 40-person barge can be opened up so that you can enjoy the good weather.

mokummer trekschuit zijaanzicht

Mokumer vessel
60 pax

The 60-person barge (built in 1890) was originally a passenger ship. Both sides of the spacious barge as well as the roof can be opened for a summer trip through the Amsterdam canals.

large boats for rent Amsterdam

Larger ships
60+ pax

In addition to our historic ships, Rederij Mokum also has larger ships with which they can arrange round trips. From a 60-person Citytender to a party ship for 175 people. We’ll be happy to help you select the right boat for your group.

General Information

  • During the restoration, the vessels were fitted with very modern electric drives and are therefore 100% green, emission-free and not unimportantly: silent.
  • Our vessels are equipped with heating and dimmable lighting.
  • Our vessels can be either closed entirely or be fully opened, and are therefore suitable for sailing in every season.
  • Our Classic Canal Cabs combine a classic look with a modern feel.