Boat trip with food at Rederij Mokum

Boat trip with food at Rederij Mokum

Rederij Mokum is the shipping company for a fun boat trip with food. Whether it concerns a boat trip with a drink, a boat trip with a tapas buffet or a fully catered BBQ. Sailing and eating are inextricably linked.

You can plan a boat trip in different ways. Whether it concerns a Do It Yourself boat trip where you can provide your own food and drinks, to a fully catered dinner cruise where you will be completely pampered. The choice is yours.

A boat trip with food has many variants. First of all, there is the option to enjoy the meal on board, ranging from a BBQ or a Tapas and Pinxtos buffet to a luxurious Dinner Cruise. We can also sail a route where you leave the boat in between to enjoy a dinner on location. We help you with the selection of restaurants. We also call this variant a running dinner. Varied and exciting, but slightly more restless than eating on board.

à la carte dining on the water

In a restaurant it can sometimes take a while before your first dish is served. That goes without saying: a good meal simply takes time to prepare. We have found a solution: eating on a saloon boat, or a Dinner Cruise.

How does a dinner cruise work

Once on board one of our salon boats, you can choose from a seasonally changing 3-course menu. Our skipper passes the dishes on to the restaurant on shore that we work with. When the kitchen is ready, the captain will dock to take the starters, mains and desserts on board and you can sit at the table. So you eat on board. This is the more luxurious version of a boat trip with food. You and your guests eat à la carte but on board.

Boat trip with food at Rederij Mokum

Why is a boat trip with food so much fun?

Have a nice chat with each other, chat with that colleague you don’t normally speak to or simply enjoy the view. Then it’s time to sit down to the table. During dinner on board you will have plenty of time to catch up with your table companions.

Different boat trip with food in a row

As you can read on our website, we have many variants for a boat trip with food. Our standard packages are listed below

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