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Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024

The Amsterdam Light Festival is just around the corner and will transform the city into a beautiful, colorful and magical place. This year promises to be more impressive than ever before. Because with a fascinating collection of light artworks and installations, the canals, streets and buildings of Amsterdam are illuminated and brought to life.

The annual spectacle has established itself in recent years as a global beacon for creative minds and artists. They use light as their medium to tell stories and evoke emotions. Every year, the festival brings a fresh wave of innovative works of art that amaze and inspire visitors from all over the world.

An illuminated open-air museum

Amsterdam will be transformed into an open-air museum during the festival season. Light artists and designers from all over the world present their imagination and their works to the public. View the enchanting canals from a boat or simply stroll through the streets to admire the breathtaking installations. The festival offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages!

From November 30, 2023 to January 21, 2024 you have the option to rent a historic boat from us to view the light artworks along the route.

Edition 12 takes you into the stories of AI and technology

For Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024, we asked artists to think about the effect of technology and artificial intelligence (also known as AI) on our everyday lives. How we communicate, connect and create is all influenced by technology and AI. What is the impact of this on our humanity? How is society changing due to this digital evolution? And where are the boundaries? The different perspectives are highlighted during Edition 12, with the theme: LOADING… Revealing Art, AI and Tech.

The route consists of more than twenty light artworks by international artists. From renowned names to surprising newcomers and everything in between. A diverse selection. We delve deeper into our relationship with personal tech, with the mobile phone at the forefront – we can’t live without it anymore, but sometimes you want to throw that thing in the ditch. Topics such as swarm intelligence, self-learning algorithms, facial recognition and motion capture are also discussed.
Edition 12 is a translation of, or commentary on, that all-encompassing and ubiquitous technology that we rely on so much, that is so inextricably linked to our daily lives. What’s to come? That’s Loading…

For years, the festival has been a bright spot during the dark days.

We are extremely busy this period. That is why we recommend checking availability in time to avoid disappointment.

Theme Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024: ‘Technology & AI’

Practical information
During the festival, twenty light sculptures will be placed along and on the canals. These light works of art can be viewed by boat every evening from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Festival period
Edition #12 will take place from Thursday, November 30, 2023 to Sunday, January 21, 2024.

With the theme ‘Technology & AI’, the artists try to stimulate the imagination. Let yourself be carried away past beautiful light creations and imaginative sculptures.

Daily opening hours
The light artworks are on every day from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM, on New Year’s Eve at 8:00 PM. Read all about the artworks, artists, route and activities at:< /p>

Amsterdam Light Festival Highlights 2019 to 2022

Impression images of previous years

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Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024 | Rederij Mokum

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Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024 | Rederij Mokum

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Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024 | Rederij Mokum

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Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024 | Rederij Mokum

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Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024 | Rederij Mokum

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Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024 | Rederij Mokum

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History Amsterdam Light Festival

The festival was first held in 2011. The public-private partnership is housed in a foundation. The festival is characterized by the many light works by artists from home and abroad, which are displayed in public. The works are located along a sailing route called Water Colors and a walking route called Illuminade. The artworks are created specifically for the Amsterdam Light Festival. Source Wikipedia

Initiators Horbach and Buchel

Now that the twelfth edition is just around the corner, the question arises as to how this successful festival ever came about. Success has many fathers. That’s why we like to put the real founding fathers in the spotlight.

The roots date back to 2009. Vincent Horbach and Henk Jan Buchel are inspired by the Winterfest in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. A merry Christmas boat parade in the warm waters around Florida. The Amsterdam canals are not exactly busy in winter. That is why a nice festival, such as in Florida, is very welcome in Amsterdam.

Horbach and Buchel took the initiative for the first Christmas Canal Parade in 2009. In other words, a parade of illuminated boats through the city. The gracefully, artistically illuminated tour of approximately 20 ships sails from the Westerdok over the Prinsengracht to the Oosterdok. The decor is fantastic that first year! The city is completely white with snow. It’s Christmas Eve and the bridges are full of people.

In 2010, Felix Guttman, owner of Canal Company, was brought in. The name is changed to Winter Magic Amsterdam. From that moment on, the focus will be on artistic light art. Well-known artists (from various disciplines) such as Gilian Schrofer, Aziz Bekkaoui and Eric Staller help make the Christmas Canal Parade a success. Along the route and from the boats, numerous choirs sing Christmas Carols and well-known Christmas songs.

In 2011, during the height of the crisis, it was decided not to go ahead with the festival. That year it was also decided to change the name and bundle the winter activities under the name Amsterdam Light Festival. The attention is shifted from entertainment to light art along the quay.

2012 was the start of this amazing light spectacle as we know it today.